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Reverse Wheel Type Paging Machine

Product Item: CS-P320
Category: Conveying System
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Description:Reverse Wheel Type Paging Machine


Reverse Wheel Type Paging Machine

Technical Parameter

Model CS-P320
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power 120W
Paging Stable Speed 50-100m/min
Applicable Products Length 50-290mm
Applicable Products Width 50-320mm
Thickness of Products 0.02-5mm
Conveyor Belt Width 230mm
Conveyor Belt Length 960m
Machine Dimension 1300x480x900mm
Weight 40KG
Speed Control Inverter Vector Type
Paging Performance High stability
Machine Material Stainless Steel
Transmission Gear/Chain/Belt/Paging

Machine Application:

Card,IC Card,IP Card
Pagaing Bags,Plastic Bags,Flat Cartons,Paper Bags,Labels,Papers,Price Tags,etc.

Machine Running:

An automated system is used to separate stacked packaging bags and deliver them individually onto a conveyor belt, facilitating printing or engraving of production dates, batch numbers, anti-counterfeit marks, patterns, etc., using an inkjet printer or laser machine. This system reduces the labor-intensive task of manual separation and fully utilizes the high-speed printing advantages of inkjet printers and laser machines, thereby improving printing efficiency and significantly reducing production costs.

Machine Features:

1.Imported variable frequency stepless speed regulation allows for high-speed automatic separation at a rate of 60-600 pieces per minute.
2.High-speed pagination, precise positioning, and efficient production.
3.The structural design is compliant, featuring independent shafts for easy and quick replacement of vulnerable parts.
4.Equipped with manual and automatic functions, facilitating debugging and production operations.
5.Optional accessory: Automatic material receiving device.

Machine Details:



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