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Bottle Gripper Conveyors

Category: Conveying System
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Description:The bottle-clamping elevator is suitable for lifting and conveying objects and cartons in a fixed state from top to bottom or from bottom to top. During the conveying process, the space is fully utili



Conveying Speed 10pieces/min, 12 pieces/min its up to detailed design
Conveyor Height less than 10m
Product Weight Max 2kg
Product Size Max Dia.300mm
Transfer Direction Up or Down
Table Height 500-1000mm as per customer requirement

Applicable Product

Bottle, can, barrel, container, box, case, etc.

Working Pressure


Power 0.75-5KW
Machine Size 2500*1000mm*tentative
Machine Weight its up to customer design

Product Features

1. The bottle-clamping elevator can save transportation space and increase the utilization rate of the plant.

2. Realize the continuity of the conveying, the conveying efficiency is high, and the conveyed goods should not be too large and heavy without being affected by the high-speed conveying.

3. Suitable for continuous cleaning of conveying bottles and cans.

4. It can be used in conjunction with the entrance and exit conveying equipment to fully automate the conveying process.

5. Simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

Machine Details



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