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Why tea drink should use hot filling?

Compared hot filling and traditional beverage processing technology, for non-carbonated drink, traditional process is storage the preheated or cold drink into bottle (tank), then will do a pasteurized sterilization according to certain sterilization formula or high temperature sterilization after capping, then through cooling and dry getting end products.
For hot filling, it will do UHT sterilization or HTST sterilization to drink first, and filling at 80 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ temperature, after capping, do sterilization to the packing container inner wall and caps by using the drink temperature. In 1980s, this drink processing technology already been widely used for soft drinks abroad, in 1987 year, hot filling production already exceeds cold filling.

Hot filling owns advantages of high effeciency, energy saving etc. As the complete hot filling processing are all finished on production line, which
effectively improve production, reduce energy and manual cost, also hot filling can maximize keep flavor and nutritional ingredients, because hot filling must be jointly with HTST or UHT sterilization together, both heating and cooling are very quick, no second sterilization which reduce drink heating time, then means reducing the destruction to flavor and nutritional ingredients also. Without second time sterilization also reduce bottle breaking and jumping rate.
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